Mycelium Mushroom Madness at Breaking New Grounds

Learn to cultivate mushrooms
with Magnificent Mushroom’s Eric Osbourne

Saturday June 18
Starting at 9 AM until 12 Noon
Sign up here! Only 20 spots available.

Mushrooms are amazing, and their health benefits are many-fold: loaded with B vitamins, they contain ALL of the essential amino acids. Used in ancient herbal remedies, mushrooms are treasured for their medicinal qualities, and have also been embraced by conventional medicine as a building block for anti-biotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs and cancer-fighting medications.

An excellent re-mediator of some of the poorest soil conditions, mushrooms are vital in decomposition (which is especially interesting to us and anyone who composts and makes their own soil!). Recent research even suggests some types of mushrooms may degrade pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, coal tars and heavy fuels into water, CO2 and other basic elements…Helping to repair so much of the damage done by chemcial agriculture for the last 150 years.

They help plants with water absorption, and protect against some plant diseases…all while providing an important food source for the beneficial critters in our soil.

Plus, they are the undeniably-delicious earthy morsels that impart smoky, woody flavors in our pastas, salads, soups, sauces and more! Ever wanted to know how to cultivate your own? Whether for food, as landscaping, or as a way to treat your soil, learning how to grow mushrooms is easier than you have imagined!

For just $75 you will learn:

  • Varieties of Mushrooms and their benefits
  • The role mushrooms play in the world- how they help us
  • Learn to foster and grow your own mushrooms
  • Learn how to use mushrooms in your landscaping

What you will leave the workshop with:

  • One log inoculated (by you) with Shitake
  • One log inoculated (by you) with Lions Mane
  • Loads of new information to share with your friends

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