A letter from Slow Food Bluegrass Co-Chair, Maggie Keith

Dear Slow Food Bluegrass Supporters,

As Co-Chair of the Bluegrass Region chapter of Slow Food USA, I’m committed to creating every opportunity I can for you to get more involved and connected with the Slow Food movement in our community. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to do that is through membership.

I’m inviting you to join Slow Food USA during our September campaign, when your donation — in any amount — will make you a member.

Click here now to join.

There are a variety of membership benefits… but I think you’ll find the best part is knowing your contribution plays a critical role in bringing our community together to support our farmers and our local food traditions, teaching the next generation about good food, and transforming laws to make a healthy meal as affordable as a Happy Meal.

I hope you’ll accept my invitation.

Maggie Keith
Bluegrass Region, Slow Food USA

P.S. Donations to Slow Food USA are 100% tax-deductible. Join today.

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