Call Your Kentucky State Senator Today and Urge Passage of Senate Bill 47


Tell your State Senator that you support the right of individuals to enter into contracts with farmers for meat, fresh milk, and other animal products!

What is Senate Bill 47?
Senate Bill 47 affirms the right of individuals to enter into contracts with farmers for meat, fresh milk and eggs.

Sometimes referred to as “herd shares” or “cow shares,” these arrangements allow individuals to openly and legally enter into the “shared ownership of farm livestock and poultry” without fear of intervention by a well intended, but often-times over-zealous regulatory establishment.

Why do we need SB 47?
Currently, Kentucky law forbids the retail sale of raw or fresh milk.  Nothing in Kentucky law prohibits consumers from participating in “cow shares,” however, such arrangements are not explicitly permitted under the law.  In recent years, Some small-scale Kentucky dairy farmers have been the subject of unwelcome visits by state officials regarding their marketing of fresh milk.  Passing SB 47 would give farmers the clarity they need to know that they are acting in accordance with the law and can freely engage in normal business activities without fear of sanction.

What will SB 47 do?
If passed into law, SB 47 would allow consenting individuals to enter into contracts for the shared ownership of farm livestock.  As owners, or co-owners, they would therefore be entitled to the product of that farm animal.  SB 47 would assure the individuals participating in such an arrangement as specified in the bill that they are acting legally.

What will SB 47 not do?
SB 47 will not permit the retail sale of raw milk under any circumstance.  Individuals may only obtain raw milk if they can be identified as the owner or co-owner of the farm animal as prescribed by the terms of their contract allowed for in SB 47.

What other benefits are there to SB 47?
SB 47 will make healthy, local food derived from farm animals typically available in health food stores in urban areas more accessible to individuals in rural areas.  Also, some young and beginning farmers may find small-scale livestock production more approachable if such contractual arrangements with consumers are made available to them.

What is the status of SB 47?
On Thursday morning, January 26, SB 47 was passed out of the Senate Agriculture Committee by a 9 – 2 vote.  Prior to being called for a vote by the full Senate, each bill must have three “readings,” or one per day.  Since SB 47′s first reading occurred Thursday afternoon, it is possible that the bill could be called to a vote as early as Monday.

So please don’t wait! Call now! Leaving a message is very simple and very important.  Legislators do pay attention to the “green slips” they receive about an issue, especially if it is an issue that receives little attention otherwise.

Message line #: 1-800-372-7181

Please know that we are facing strong opposition to this bill.  Know that your call will make a difference.  Leaving a message only takes a couple of minutes.

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