Kentuckiana Natural Beekeeping Gathering – Sept. 22

slovenian bees

The first gathering of a new local beekeepers group – Kentuckiana Natural Beekeepers – will be held at the LEED certified Highland Green Discovery Center at 1401 Bardstown Road.

This will be an exciting opportunity to share our beekeeping experiences so far this year – including successes and challenges, as well as discuss what you’d like to experience/learn about in future gatherings.

Please contact Carrie VanWinkle –; 475-3805, if you have questions.

More on the group:

The Kentuckiana Natural Beekeepers gathering is a welcoming place to connect and share with other beekeepers exploring and using natural approaches to beekeeping.

‘Natural’ is used broadly in this network to include approaches from chemical free, biodynamic, small cell, top bar and Warre hives, and other options for beekeepers to support healthy honeybees now and for future generations.

This is intended to be an open, positive, space to learn and thrive. No one solution is the bee all end all – and no one beekeeper has all of the answers. Together we will share our experiences – both successes and challenges – to create a strong community of beekeepers – and support a healthy population of honeybees.


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