Home Front Harvest – November 19th


Mark your calendar for November 19 from noon-Midnight for the Home Front Harvest at Fresh Start Growers’ Supply. This is a music and food celebration to raise money for local farmers to assist in the production of their crops to help towards a more plentiful harvest for all. Money raised for farmers will be matched in food from the farms and given to a local homeless shelter for Thanksgiving. The goal is to raise money for the farms, to raise awareness of the benefits of eating food from local farms, to help feed the hungry, and to give thanks to all parties involved for helping each other in the name of giving thanks. Hosts: Zach Fry & DJ Minotti. Featured artists: Tyrone Cotton, Scott Mertz & Jay Glenn, Ron Whitehead, Lotus Blake, The Ladybirds, National Hotel, Vessel, Relic, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Alabama Brown & The Inside Outlaws, Mercy Academy, and John Gage.

Featured Chef: Maria Bell. Featured Farms: Finger Picking Farms, Field Day Farms, Barr Farms. Corporate Sponsors: Glass Tank Productions, Sterling Contracting, Gilberto Gelato, Cherry Red Events, 21C, University of Louisville, Real Feel Audio, La Bodega at Felice, Seiller-Waterman LLC, BMB Productions LLC, and Green Meadows Environmental.

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