A letter from Slow Food Bluegrass Co-Chair, Maggie Keith

Dear Slow Food Bluegrass Supporters,

As Co-Chair of the Bluegrass Region chapter of Slow Food USA, I’m committed to creating every opportunity I can for you to get more involved and connected with the Slow Food movement in our community. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to do that is through membership.

I’m inviting you to join Slow Food USA during our September campaign, when your donation — in any amount — will make you a member.

Click here now to join.

There are a variety of membership benefits… but I think you’ll find the best part is knowing your contribution plays a critical role in bringing our community together to support our farmers and our local food traditions, teaching the next generation about good food, and transforming laws to make a healthy meal as affordable as a Happy Meal.

I hope you’ll accept my invitation.

Maggie Keith
Bluegrass Region, Slow Food USA

P.S. Donations to Slow Food USA are 100% tax-deductible. Join today.

Food Truckus Ruckus: $5 Challenge – September 17th


On September 17th, Slow Food USA is inviting people to get together for a fresh, healthy meal that cost no more than $5/person. Slow Food Bluegrass has accepted the challenge and is partnering with Fresh Start Growers’ Supply in a Food Truckus Ruckus. Stop by Fresh Start Growers’ Supply on Saturday, September 17th from 11am-3pm for a delicious, local, and inexpensive meal.

For more information visit www.louisvillestreetfood.com.

Kentuckiana Natural Beekeeping Gathering – Sept. 22

slovenian bees

The first gathering of a new local beekeepers group – Kentuckiana Natural Beekeepers – will be held at the LEED certified Highland Green Discovery Center at 1401 Bardstown Road.

This will be an exciting opportunity to share our beekeeping experiences so far this year – including successes and challenges, as well as discuss what you’d like to experience/learn about in future gatherings.

Please contact Carrie VanWinkle – carrie.vanwinkle@gmail.com; 475-3805, if you have questions.

More on the group:

The Kentuckiana Natural Beekeepers gathering is a welcoming place to connect and share with other beekeepers exploring and using natural approaches to beekeeping.

‘Natural’ is used broadly in this network to include approaches from chemical free, biodynamic, small cell, top bar and Warre hives, and other options for beekeepers to support healthy honeybees now and for future generations.

This is intended to be an open, positive, space to learn and thrive. No one solution is the bee all end all – and no one beekeeper has all of the answers. Together we will share our experiences – both successes and challenges – to create a strong community of beekeepers – and support a healthy population of honeybees.


Temple Grandin to speak at EKU – Sept. 22


2nd Annual Bruce MacLaren Distinguished Lecture: “Animals, Humans, and Sensory Based Thinking”

Thursday, September 22, 2011, 7:30pm

Eastern Kentucky University Center for the Arts

The Eastern Kentucky University Agriculture Department and the Delta Tau Alpha Honor Society are proud to co-sponsor a lecture by Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin was recently named one of the Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the world. She is a world-famous animal scientist and austism self-advocate and is recognized as the authority on livestock behavior and facility design. Dr. Directions to the EKU Center for the Arts are available online. For more information on Dr. Grandin visit www.templegrandin.com.


Stone Soup Project: Southern Louisville September 24th


Stone Soup Community Kitchen Dinners
Stone Soup Community Kitchen dinners are held about once a month –when local farmers have produce (mostly in the spring, summer and fall). Those who gather at these Stone Soup suppers will work together to fix a meal that everybody shares. We try to use foods grown in the greater local area. Much of the food is gleaned from nearby farmers markets where the farmers donate their food so as to encourage cooking demonstrations of their foods everywhere. The dinners are FREE, but everybody who comes with the expectation to help fix the gleaned food and clean up after the meal. Donations are gratefully accepted. Even people who don’t know how to cook can help – we’ll all learn together. The Stone Soup dinners are held at different places around the city. That makes it easier for people from several parts of town to experience this event. We usually ask people to arrive and start to fix the food at 4pm–food is ready to eat around 6pm. Please check dates and exact times of the Stone Soup events at the bottom of this page when it becomes available.

The Big Picture

The meals are always tasty and memorable. The meals are absolutely open to the public.

Stone Soup’s goal is to create a supportive, inclusive community where everyone learns to cook with fresh, healthy food from a flourishing market of sustainable local farms. Much of the food comes from area farmers’ markets and local gardens collected on the day of the event. Please plan to arrive promptly at 4:00 pm and stay until the end. This is a full cooking experience from prep to clean up. Please RSVP (by the day before) to Nate Pederson at 502 299 9520 (cell )or email nate@metageny.com

The next Stone Soup dinner is September 24th in Southern Louisville. For more information visit The Stone Soup Project